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Resellers - Materials Authorization

Authorized Re-sellers of ECBlend E-Liquids, if you are an approved and authorized re-seller, wholesaler, or distributor of ECBlend products, whether under the Brand of ECBlend or under our re-seller brands or private label brands, or a reseller through one of our distributor networks:
Materials:  ECBlend resellers are authorized to use product images, posters, advertising materials including product descriptions from ECBlend or E-Liquid Gold website or marketing materials subject to the following conditions:
1.  Associated Materials may only be used to market products manufactured by ECBlend.  This includes all products manufactured by ECBlend under any of it's brands or under resellers private label.
2.  Materials may not be altered except: Private label customers may remove our branding and replace with the branding of their private label.  Branding must match the resellers private label.
3.  Posters and other advertising materials are available free in ECBlend and E-Liquid Gold brands on our reseller website.  Unbranded posters are available for an extra cost.
4.  ECBlend may request Materials be removed or changed at its discretion.
5.  If reseller is no longer purchasing from ECBlend, this authorized is no longer valid.

 6.  This authorization becomes a part of, and reseller agrees to abide by the terms and conditions on its websites.