Wholesale ELIQUID

Warning: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Wholesale ELIQUID

Wholesale ELIQUID

Wholesale ELIQUID


    We do the mixing, bottling, labeling, packaging and limited product liability insurance is included on all E-Liquid Brands.

      Worldwide popular E-liquid:  Includes your choice of brand label (including your own private label - we register your private label with the FDA) and selection from over 100 branded e-liquid flavors.  

    New vape devices use more and more e-liquid - with larger bottle sizes available you can order larger bottles for your customers!   (NOTE: ECBlend has registered up to 125ml bottle sizes with the FDA for retail market.  Bottles 250ml and up are for re-bottling or re-branding) 

    ECBlend E-Liquid Awesome Quality and Flavors

    ECBlend Flavors Brand E-Liquid packaged, measured and labelled for you.   ECBlend E-Liquid Flavors enjoy Worldwide popularity.  



    E-Liquid Gold Premium E-Liquid

    E-Liquid Gold® brand is exclusively for our wholesalers/resellers for resale only.  Only sold by our authorized resellers.  You!  


    privatelabelsample-type2.pngPrivate label is an opportunity to grow your business with your own name. We imprint your name or logo on the private label e-liquid bottles you have selected to carry. All you need to do is supply artwork with your name or logo in our required format. 

     As your private label manufacturer we understand that every business has its own individuality.  We custom fill your brand with on-demand printers which allows you to order as little as 5 bottles at a time.  You keep your inventory low and brand your business the way you want to!  We can print private labels onto any of our e-liquid products, or any custom product you work with us to produce.  We do request that labels have a 3/8" bleed so your logo doesn't get cut off in production.



    If you are looking for Private Label or for more information about any of our products, contact our Sales department at sales @ecblend.com or call us at (541) 393-9840.  



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