Warning This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flavorless (E-BASE) E-Liquid in Full Bottles

Avail with or without nicotine
Avail with Tobacco Free Nicotine

This E-Liquid contains no flavoring and does not contain any additives unless ordered. 

Bottle Material: PET Unicorn Style, GCC and Drip Control Compliant with Tamper Evident Wrapping

These are finished bottles, ready to sell.    Labels are available in ECBlend, E-Liquid Gold, or your Private Label.

Available in All base mixes : 100% VG, 20%VG, 30%VG, 40%VG, 50%VG, 60%VG, 70%VG, 80%VG, 100%PG

(Note: If you are ordering Flavorless for your customers to mix with other flavors, avoid dilution: Increase nicotine, cool hit, menthol & sweetener (at least double) 


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Flavorless E-Liquid is the perfect base for using our FlavorTudes - Flavor Shots and Flavor Artists Concentrated Flavors and Extracts

These bottles are filled to the top of the bottle.  

Also available in Short-Filled bottles for adding Concentrated Flavors or Extracts. 

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